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Past Events

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Introduction to Healing Touch: Remembering What You Already Know

10/16 ~ Learn simple techniques for grounding, self care and self massage. Partner and group exercises for conscious touch


Sunday Oct 16, 2022

1:00 - 2:30 pm

Roots Cafe, Northvale

$65 per couple per workshop 

Pre-registration required

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Practice Receiving: Thai Massage and Sound Bath Healing

Allow yourself to be deeply cared for. Practice receiving. For this afternoon of healing vibration and touch you will be enveloped in an atmosphere of ethereal sound produced by Mirabai, playing her assortment of crystal singing bowls and other sound healing instruments, while her angelic voice weaves in and out of the soundscape, bathing you in the mysterious and healing sound vibration that is music, pure and heart-centered. Simultaneously, Matt and Amy will be moving around the circle treating each participant with short sequences of Thai Massage, also known as Thai Yoga Massage. With its basis in a compassionate and conscious approach to touch, Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient form of healing with its roots in India over 2,500 years ago. It has been described as assisted yoga and can also have a dance like quality between giver and receiver as the receiver will be guided into various positions akin to yoga stretches in which areas of tension and blocked energy can be palpated and then released. The facilitation of these releases is brought about through the fluid and attuned movements and applied pressure of the giver as well as the receptivity and breath of the receiver. 

This will be a unique combined experience of healing modalities that will be a deep re-set for your body mind and spirit. 


Sunday March 8, 2020

1:45 - 4 pm

Playful Yogi Space, Nyack

$55 per person, pre-registration required

Limited to 12 participants

It's Almost Spring! Spa Evening:

Nourish, Relax & Replenish


Nourish yourself with a duo of loving treatments at the tail end of winter and start the new season with a spring cleaning for your body. This evening's package includes a 20 minute holistic facial with Claudia, a 20 minute integrative bodywork session with Amy, herbal tea brewed up from the shelves of the apothecary and wholesome homemade snacks and recipes to support your system in detoxifying and revitalizing after winter's slowing and sometimes depleting effects. Before and after your treatments you can peruse Sage's shelves for healing tinctures, medicinal and edible herbs, essential oils, and more. This will be an experience of deep replenishment and relaxation that supports your wellness, in a warm environment filled with nature's healing essences.


Monday March 16, 2020

Sage's Herbal Apothecary

1 hour appointments from 4-8pm

Limited to 8 participants

$65 per person 

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