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Tuesday-Friday  9am-6pm


My home office in Nyack, NY


$130 for 60 minutes

* Gift certificates available 

commitment package


In each session, whether with someone who has been to see me many times or with a first time client, I aim to create a unique experience. Guided by my intuitive sense, reading signals from the body, and using my hands as instruments of perception, I move around the body, acting as facilitator to whatever happens within that session.


Since I am not a pathology focused practitioner, and to list the issues I have worked with up until now would be too numerous, I prefer to allow people to bring to me the things they are looking to shift or heal in their bodies in that moment and go from there. If someone presents a particular problem that I do not have knowledge of, I am always eager to research and learn more as it only enhances and deepens my practice.


I work with anyone who has a desire to be opened up, rejuvenated and shifted in their body. Anyone interested in integrating body, mind, and whole being. Anyone who has pain and discomfort or anyone who does not but wants to prevent it. Anyone who wants to live more fully connected to their breath and their aliveness, who sees their body as an instrument, a temple which needs tuning and tending. 


I work with adults, children, teens and grandparents. Caregivers who need replenishing, Healers who need healing, Artists who need re-aligning, Athletes who need stretching and toning, Teachers and Parents who need a moment to stop teaching and care-taking, Humans of any stripe who simply want to take time for themselves, to discover what their vessel is holding that perhaps it can let go of, and what vital energies can be allowed in……


* * *

Here are some of the things that can happen in a session:


Sometimes patterns of chronic tension or pain are released through deep tissue massage, bringing the connective tissue (fascia) into a more mobile and fluid state, ‘knots’ are worked out through a combination of pressure from me and deep breathing and letting go on the part of the client.


I will often incorporate craniosacral techniques into a table or floor session which also works with smoothing fascial tissue, getting at areas of blocked energy and at times is accompanied by a re-setting of the nervous system, which may induce a deep resting state, which in itself is hugely beneficial since most of us are not getting the type of rest we need in a very over-stimulating world. 


If there is a sluggishness in the overall state of the body, or within a specific system (nervous, digestive, circulatory), what is called for is more of an invigorating and tonifying application of touch with rhythmic rocking of the body, stretching, and tapotement (rhythmic percussive strokes).  In this case or in the case of a general stiffness or someone who enjoys movement, perhaps a session of Thai massage would be suggested in which dynamic movement, physical support and stretching are the focus.


All of these techniques are geared towards stimulation of blood flow and release of stagnation held in the body, in the form of both physical and emotional toxins (environmental pollutants, habitual patterns of tension, stress, anger, fear, grief). They also can greatly increase ease and fluidity in the muscles, joints and tendons. Overall, it is my intention to support clients into enjoying a more fully embodied experience.

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